Alert provides seedfunding to small-scale projects organized by and for young people

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We are Alert Youth Fund

Alert Youth Fund is an independent fund which supports progressive projects for young people. Young people are often not taken serious and in spite of their potential, young people are often not seen as the change agents they are. Alert considers it crucial that young people are heard and being listened to. Young people can be positive driving forces of changes, and Alert believes they need to be supported and encouraged in this. For this reason, Alert supports progressive youth projects globally with seedfunding. Through this, Alert tries to contribute to fundamental changes in societies, reflected in equal, fair and just distribution of power, knowledge, capital and a environmentally and human friendly sound way of producing. Alert is managed by young people only, who voluntarily give their time, energy and spirit for this cause.


By means of (small) subsidies to progressive projects, aimed at young people by young people, Alert tries to develop a fundamental change in society.

Alert does not support youth projects which mainly focus on culture, welfare, direct care, income generation, sports, education and health. Alert is an independent fund and therefore does not support political parties. We do not subsidize big international organisations.

In the review process of the proposals we receive, Alert prioritizes certain issues that it considers important:

In this world, unequal and unjust powerdynamics play a role on social, economic and political levels. Alert considers it crucial that young people contribute to exposing and challenging these powerdynamics, through grassroots activism, on a local as well as a global level. Young people can and should make their own decisions relating to the world they live in. Alert considers it crucial that the new generation is being heard. For this reason, Alert provides seedfunding to small scale initiatives in which young people contribute and actively participate in social, economic and political processes.

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