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About Alert Fund

Alert Fund for Youth (Alert Fund) has held a unique and independent position in the Dutch and international funding scene since 1991. Alert Fund is an independent fund, supporting progressive projects run by young people. Alert Fund wants young activists to be heard better and more often, but thinks that only young people themselves can achieve this. That is why Alert Fund supports national and international initiatives organized by young people with small subsidies. Alert Fund is sustained by a group of enthusiastic board members, all volunteers and between 18 and 32 years old. Additionally, Alert Fund has one paid employee, the Coordinator. To avoid a conflict of interest of the coordinator within the board, a confidant has been appointed outside the executive board, to act as a contactpoint between the coordinator and the board.

Emma Alexandra Broholm (25)
Member since: 2020
Role: Chair, Board Member and Coordinator.
I believe that activism provides a voice for marginalized groups in our society and to fight for equality and sustainability. In my life outside Alert, I am a researcher, coordinator and consultant regarding in the field of children’s rights, climate rights and the intersection in these areas.

Hugo Hanema (25)
Member since: 2019
Role: Secretary, Board Member
Activism for me means the realization that the rights of marginalized groups are never set in stone, but constantly need to be defended against those that try to take them away. This doesn’t just happen in the voting booth, but also via direct action. I have a background in social sciences and am starting a study in economical sciences. In my spare time, I like to occupy myself with (radical) left-wing politics. Other hobbies include music, reading and playing chess.

Joran van Apeldoorn (28)
Member since: 2019
Role: Treasurer, Property Management, Board Member
To me, activism means living up to you own morals above laws and regulations imposed by those in power. There is tremendous oppression in society, and therefore action will always necessary. I believe that you achieve the most as an individual and through direct action, and less so as a voter or consumer. In my daily, I am a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, regarding the social and legal impact of new technologies. My background is in mathematics and computer science. 

Ivens Reis Reyner (31)
Member since: 2021
Role: Board Member
With over a decade of experience promoting human rights, I am a queer feminist activist, working for Human Rights Funders Network. A native of Brazil, I also co-founded Coletivo Mangueiras, a youth-led grassroots organization dedicated to promoting racial, gender, sexual, and reproductive justice in the country.

Timo Bravo Rebolledo (32)
Member since: 2017
Role: Board Member
Activism to me means striving for, and actively engaging to realize progressive change in society. In my daily life, I work at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as senior advisor, where I deal with information management issues on the intersection between digitalization and the public sector.

Bruno Miguel (31)
Member since: 2021
Role: Board Member
Activism to me is the realization that your life is inherently social: it depends on and is dependent on others. Therefore, you have both the right and the duty to actively participate in social issues, which are of influence, so as to not have them decided upon and applied in mechanical and impersonal ways. Activism is the realization of your social potential. I am an immigrant from Portugal, with a background in political science and accounting.

Marlies Klinkenberg (25)
Member since: 2021
Role: Board Member
Standing up for a just world and speaking out against oppressive systems: that’s what activism is to me. If it were up to me, everyone would be an activist! Standing up for yourself and others (especially minorities) should be considered normal. Besides being a board member with Alert, I am a (medical) anthropologist lost on the job market, a climate activist, a music lover, a game night fan, an amateur soccer player and a budding bouldering enthusiast.