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About Alert Fund

Alert Fund for Youth (Alert Fund) has held a unique and independent position in the Dutch and international funding scene since 1991. Alert Fund is an independent fund, supporting actions, protests and other activist projects run by young people. Alert Fund wants young activists to be heard better and more often, but thinks that only young people themselves can achieve this. That is why Alert Fund supports national and international actions organized by young people with small subsidies. Alert Fund is sustained by a group of enthusiastic board members, all volunteers and between 18 and 34 years old.

Hugo Hanema (he/him) (27)
Member since: 2019
Role: Treasurer, Board Member
Activism for me means the realization that the rights of marginalized groups are never set in stone, but constantly need to be defended against those that try to take them away. This doesn’t just happen in the voting booth, but also via direct action. I have a background in social sciences and am starting a study in economical sciences. In my spare time, I like to occupy myself with (radical) left-wing politics. Other hobbies include music, reading and playing chess.

Yoren Lausberg (he/him) (31)
Member since: 2022
Role: Secretary, Board Member
Activism is making the world that we want possible for us. I work as a teacher, where I constantly hear of the issues those younger than me face every day – I hope to put kindling to the fire that my students carry with them. With Alert I hope to build a world wherein people everywhere can make their demands heard, and fight for the change they need.

Brun Miguel (she/they)(32)
Member since: 2021
Role: Board Member
Activism to me is the realization that your life is inherently social: it depends on and is dependent on others. Therefore, you have both the right and the duty to actively participate in social issues, which are of influence, so as to not have them decided upon and applied in mechanical and impersonal ways. Activism is the realization of your social potential. I am an immigrant from Portugal, with a background in political science and accounting.

Daan de Grefte (he/him) (29)
Member since: 2022
Role: Board Member
Anyone who is committed to what they believe in is an activist as far as I am concerned. Activism is at the heart of a healthy democracy, because it drives positive developments in politics and society. That is why it is important to support the activism those people who have fewer opportunities.
I work for several NGOs as a freelance lawyer and researcher, where I’m primarily involved in strategic litigation and advocacy in support of support the Palestinian solidarity movement in Europe. I have worked extensively with refugees in the past and have worked for multiple human rights NGOs abroad.

Tom Verdonk (they/them) (25)
Member since: 2022
Role: Board Member, Coordinator
For me, activism means contesting broken systems even though you as a person do not necessarily suffer from them. Direct action is not only a way of showing what is truly important, it is also a way of looking out for each other and showing solidarity to one another.
I have a background in musicology. My hobbies are street art and studying (internet) subcultures.

Nienke (Pien) Geeve (they/them; she/her) (24)
Member since: 2022
Role: Board Member
For me, activism is understanding and fighting the structures that divide us and oppress us, and fighting actively for a better world where the wellbeing of people, animals and the planet are the most important thing. A central theme of this is solidarity and the realization that no one is actually free untill everyone is free. I have a background in sociologywith a specific interest in gender studies, decolonial studies and Marxist theory. I hope to use Alert Fund to add to existing activism and develop my own way of activism.

Besides our board, Alert Fund has one paid employee – the coordinator:

Tom Verdonk (they/them) (25)
Coordinator since: 2022

Finally, Alert Fund has an Advisory Board, who advises the board on policy matters. Our Advisory Board Members are:

Maarten van der Drift

  • Advisory Board Member since 2019 
  • Previous Board Member and Secretary Alert Fund (1991-1996) 

Tjerk Feitsma

  • Advisory Board Member since 2019
  • Previous Board Member Alert Fund