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Frequently asked questions

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I need money for an action I want to conduct. How do I apply for a subsidy?

First look at the criteria to see if your application can be considered. Then fill in the application form as completely as possible.

How long will it take before I know whether my application has been approved?

Within three weeks after we received the form, you will receive a message about the further procedure. It is possible that a member of the Board will contact you if more information about your action is needed. After this, you will receive a message within eight weeks about the decision regarding your project.

My action starts in three weeks, what do I do?

Apply for a Fast Track Subsidy. Pay in mind: we only provide a maximum of €250 for a fast track subsidy.

I have received a subsidy from Alert and now my project has ended. What do I do?

After your project has ended, please send a Narrative and Financial Report. This includes a description of the project of action, a financial report and if possible, image proof (such as newspaper articles, photos or videos). If you don’t do this, without giving a reason, then you might be black listed. In that case, you won’t be able to apply for another subsidy with Alert.

Is it possible to list Alert as a reference on an application I submitted to another fund?

No, this is not possible. Alert is not able to judge the substantive aspect of your project, as we were not physically present. We will say so to other funds. It is therefore of no use to list us as a reference.