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Short Stay? No Way! – Nederland

August 30, 2020

In May, a group of young people resisted the short stay of an apartment building in The Hague. By occupying the building, and by informing and involving the neighborhood, they put pressure on the responsible City Council member and fought a strong battle. Despite the fact that the permit was not rescinded or altered, they did provide the tools for the neighborhood to continue fighting and to further resist against projects that contribute to housing shortage. https://shortstaynoway.noblogs.org/ 

short stay

“We thought it to be important to bring attention to housing shortage and to provide a voice against the construction of a short stay apartment building in het Zeeheldenkwartier. We are a group of young people with a background in activism. We squatted in the building on de Waldeck Pyrmontkade, because we had no choice. The rent was too high and if your income is not high enough, or if you just aren’t lucky, the chance of renting an affordable house are near to impossible. We wanted to bring this to peoples’ attention, not just for us, but also for the neighborhood, as they will have to accept a short stay apartment building, even though that isn’t even allowed in that neighborhood.”