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“It’s not about work – it’s about being human” Young sexworkers unite for their rights.

July 23, 2020

Regional Alliance of Young Women Public Union 

In February 2020, the Regional Alliance of Young Women Republic Union organized a superb project to support the human rights of sex workers in the northern part of Azerbaijan. With an interactive training of seven days, they tried to enhance the community’s human right’s knowledge and organized trainings to assist in this.

Before the trainings started, brochures, educational material, and “know your rights” cards were distributed amongst the community. The first training module focused on human rights education. In the training, people were taught about human rights and how the violation of these rights can be identified. The second module was a workshop to better your immune system. During the workshop experiences, stories and worries were shared. This information was used to create an informative advocacy animation. The final module carried out a campaign directed at the community to promote, respect and protect the rights of young sex workers.

Alert considers this a project worth standing still on because of how identity and knowledge gained by experiences were a central focus point in the creation of the project, both of the organizers as the participants. The work of groups such as Regional Alliance of Young Women Republic Union is essential in the fight for equal rights and the treatment of sex workers and we hoop to see more similar projects in the future!

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