MVP AWARD: Frack Off | Blocking eco destruction with great enthusiasm

With this video, we’d like to offer the Energy Extreme Action Network our award, which we call ‘Most Valued Project Award’. Its for projects so important, and its efforts by its individuals so worthy, we’ve create a statue, and a cash price to back it up them without asking for it. The first ever international Most Valued Project Award is given by the Alertfund to the Frack Off initiative. Thank you for working so hard, without our support. You have shown us all something very important.

We seem to live in a cold world. The basin of our human development, the soil we build upon,is sold off. For cheap. Without our consent.

Nature is sold off, for the mere profit of numbers generating machines, for a higer roi of already overstuffed shareholders, for a false sense of security in geopolitical games.  Raping mother earth by pounding her surface with drilling inefficiently. Wrecklessly injecting chemicals into her veins and pumping millions into advertising the opposite in marketing campaigns. We live in a cold world it seems, a world that has allowed this to happen.

The game corps play in Fracking is so wildly obnoxious, when the EEAN told us in 2012 what was going down in the UK we simply could not believe. We have been following you ever since. We were impressed by the barriers you brought for the trucks, the fake-drilling stations in the backyard of MPs, in the information nights. And even though we supported nothing of it, you moved forward and made it work.  

Thanks to all the volunteers, thanks to all rebels, to all groups. Please accept our award, what you do in England is the most important thing today we have seen anyone do.