The Future of Meat


The installation The Future of Meat presents several possible scenarios that deal with the way we will consume meat in the future. What would the world be like if we were filling our plates with insects instead of meat? And what would happen if we just ate meat that was created in a laboratory?

The Future of Meat is striving for sustainable consumption and tries to motivate people in a positive way to eat less meat. Instead of just focusing on what kind of impact meat consumption has on the environment, The Future of Meat presents five possible future scenarios where visitors can decide which scenario they think is best.

A visit of the five rooms gives the visitor insight into how consumption might change in the future. Five films highlight the following themes: Insect meat, Lab meat, Less & Organic Meat, No Meat and Doing Nothing. Afterwards, the visitor can choose his or her favorite scenario.

The installation has been shown at the Utrecht School of the Arts, HS Coburg, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, DGTL Festival Amsterdam, RE: Batch Groningen and Near Future Summit San Diego. Alert is proud that it could contribute to the development of this installation.


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