First MVP-Award 2018 goes to Popular Alternative


Popular Alternative has been established in 2016 with the encouragement of youth with a common dream: a world where war no longer exists and peace is established. They are aware that this is a situation to be build, and that first structural problems in Colombian society itself must be solved. They focus on human rights, democracy, social- and economic justice and gender equality.

Their project Young People Changing the World, which took place in November 2017, is a great example of this. Through an interregional action different young people and youth organizations were gathered. Not only to fight poverty and social violence, but also to encourage them to take up leadership in the protection of human rights and the fight against social injustice.

The price has been given to Coordinator Regional Alternative Popular, Natalia Alejandra Rodriguez Buitrago.

For more information about Popular Alternative see their Facebookpage:

Twice a year, the Most Valued Project Award (MVP-Award)  honours the best projects in the idealistic world with a cash prize of €1000. The board members of the Alert Fund choose which projects to nominate, and which one to elect worthy of winning the MVP-Award.