2017 from the board


2017 has been a good year for the Alertfund for Youth. Even though two boardmembers left, the board has also welcomed five new members! With more boardmembers we can divide the tasks more easily. It improves the efficiency of Alert. Hopefully both Alert and the applicants will benefit from this in 2018. But maybe the most important thing about a bigger board is more people to look at the applications. This means we can make more nuanced decisions so we can support as many projects as possible!

In 2017 we supported a lot of successful projects from all over the world. A small selection:

Limity jsme my (We are the limits) – Climacamp

A weekend full of workshops, training and discussions in the Czech Republic. Over 300 climate activists from different countries gathered. Highlight of the weekend was a protest against the local coalmine.

Utrecht voor iedereen – tegengeluid richting Thierry Baudet en FvD

Utrecht voor iedereen (Utrecht for everyone) is a coalition from different organizations and individuals who care for an inclusive Utrecht. On different places in the city they spoke out against racism and extreme right politics.

Improve Our Village – protest against the local Basaltplant

Improve Our Village organised an action against the local Basaltplant in Armenia. They wanted to expose the misconducts, which the local authorities tried to hide, that occurred around the factory. And with success! Things as environmental pollution and the lack of payment for the personal came to light. After the action the salary (at least partly) have been paid and the plant has been (temporary) shut down.

Ferarri Dance Crew Nairobi – #respectdancers

A successful gathering with dancers from all over Kenia, to generate attention for their poor working conditions. They also wanted to welcome as many as possible dancers for their own union, to enforce better working conditions.


In 2017 we have handed out the MVP(Most Valued Project)-award twice to valuable initiatives we wanted to show our appreciation for their projects. This years winners were Popular Alternative from Colombia and Kick Out Zwarte Piet.

In 2018 we hope to support even more projects through which we offer the opportunity to progressive young activists to fight injustice and inequality or help the environment and nature. In this way we hope to make the world a little better for everyone.

The Alertboard 2018