Alert Bonus: a Loveletter for five organisations we cherish

alert bonus logo png`The Alert Fund for Youth has unilaterally decided to honor 5 networks with great effect on the activist world: RiseUp, Rote Hilfe, Theaterstraat, Rampenplan and Indymedia. 

As a fund, distributing money to young activists to fund & further their intent for a better world, we see a lot of energy and power generated by these 5 networks, nurturing the activist resolve, fueling the fire with tools & words, and feeding security on the barricades. It’s these groups they serve, that Alert serves also with our funds, and for their usefulness towards these activists, we appreciate and validate that, in a way never done before, and perhaps never to happen again: An Alert Bonus.

As we saw in 2014 that these 5  had a significant and usefull  impact on the safety and capacity of the idealistic and progressive youth, we decided to validate their work in a way uncommon to the idealistic side of society. For we see them fertilizing the rich soil activists thrive upon before moving forward with their actions and projects, crafting a safe haven, harbour or strikeforce to engage fearlessly. These networks add guardianlike value  by forging services, like legal back up for ambitious activists with lawyers, enabling a privacy-secured communication platforms for the underground, upscaling of demonstrative intent by supplying materials and so much more.

Don’t take our money the wrong way: Wherein the old capitalist world, thieves are awarded golden parachutes and call these thefty plunders “Bonusses”, in our new world we are handing out money to those, who wished to fix it, ground up, with little funds and lots of balls. Wherein the old world, a Maserati would symbolize your entropic craft to detract money from society, in our new world we share our surplus with those healing society without the addictive yearnings of bling. We implore the Theaterstraat, Rote Hilfe, Rampenplan, RiseUp and Indymedia to take this  one-time bonus, and add it to their financial bloodstreams.

P.S We expect nothing in return. However; if you’ll have young activists, gaming to change the world, and in need of funding for their projects, let them know we are overstacked in cash, and love to have them consider us for funding any youth-run revolution.